Using for Social Security Online Account Administration

Using for Social Security Online Account Administration

Yes! You can login online to find out Social Security information. I’ll walk you through how to sign up online step-by-step in this blog. In addition to creating an SSA account and logging into online, you can also perform many Social Security Administration items online as well. Some examples are:

  • Changing your address
  • Managing your Social Security benefits online
  • Viewing your Social Security statement
  • Getting a replacement Social Security card
  • Check the status of a Social Security application

Although these aren’t the only options online, these are the ones that are most used and are the easiest to do from your computer using your internet. You’ll need to have a “my Social Security” account, which is free to set up online. You can create an account by using their online form here.

A free and secure “my Social Security” account provides personalized tools for anyone who wants to access the Social Security system. You can access the Social Security system with your free account whether or not you receive benefits from Social Security. Again, you can use your free Social Security account to request a replacement Social Security card, check the status of an application, estimate future benefits, or manage the benefits you already receive.

There are some differences with the types of information you can access depending on your status. If you are receiving benefits, you can access:

If you aren’t receiving benefits, you can still utilize the Social Security website for the following actions:

How to Create an Account Online

Once you’ve clicked the link above, you’ll need to fill out the information they are asking of you. First, is to input your email and create a password for your online account. Next, you’ll select your language preference. You’ll need to check off the box to accept the rules and terms, which you can read by clicking on the “Rules of Use” link in blue.

Then, once you’ve checked that box, you’ll receive a notification that you have an email from Social Security. The email will be from [email protected]. If you receive another email from a different person, do not click on the links - it may be someone fishing for your information! 

You’ll see a big blue box which reads “Confirm Your Email Address” Next, you’ll see a screen which reads “Create a Strong Password”. You’ll need a 12-character password. When you create your password, never add personal information such as your name, birthdate, Social Security number, phone number, or any number or word that can personally identify you online. Make sure to write down your password in a safe location for reference and never put your passwords on a Word document or an electronic note on your computer.

Setup Your Social Security Sign-In Authentication Online

Now the SSA website will ask you to setup a secondary form of authentication. This gives you an extra level of security against someone else getting into your online account and taking your information or changing it. There are several choices for your authentication, and you only need to choose one of these:

  • Security key
  • Government employee ID (you can only sign in this way using a desktop computer - not a phone or tablet
  • Download an authentication app from the app store
  • Text or voice message
  • Getting a list of 10 codes to download, print, and keep in a safe place so you can use one access code each time you login to your account.

The easiest option is to sign up for a text code. In this process, the Social Security office will automatically generate a code that is sent to your cell phone via text message. If you don’t have a cell phone, you can sign up for this same option using voice mail. In this case, the Social Security office will leave you an automated voicemail on your phone telling you a code to sign in to your account.

Choose the option that suits you best and click on the box. Depending on the authentication option that you’ve chosen, you’ll receive instructions on how to set up your authentication. You’ll then have the option to set up a second authentication code, but you don’t have to. You can click the “Skip this step” link in blue at the bottom of the page after you’ve set up your initial authentication. 

to Your New Social Security Account Online!

Once you’ve set up your authentication code and you’ve entered it, now you can sign into your Social Security account online! Now you can easily access your account information from your computer, without having to go to a local social security office and wait in line for assistance or have the hassle of making an appointment to drive to the office.

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