With Social Security, you only have one chance to get it right.

Unlike Medicare, you don’t get a do-over! Once you’ve made a filing decision, it’s set for the rest of your life.

Social Security Consulting Packages

Premier Ultimate
One-on-One Consultation with an NSSA Certified Social Security Expert
Detailed Customized Social Security Filing Analysis
Personalized Social Security Strategy
Review Your Social Security Earnings/Benefit Statement
Complete review of unique issues (divorce, widow, remarriage and child-related)
Compare Social Security Benefits Before, At, and After Full Retirement Ages
Calculate Your Breakeven Point and Other Metrics
Review Important Social Security Filing Dates
Recommend Application Timing for Social Security Benefits
Identify Whose Account Your Social Security Benefits Should Be Based On (self, spouse, ex-spouse, deceased spouse).
Detailed Social Security Application Instructions
Retroactive Benefit Filing Review
We File For You - Online Application Assistance
Unlimited Follow Up Questions
Unlimited Claiming Questions Answered
General discussion of Medicare, Parts A, B, C, D
$795 $995
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Why Choose Our Expert Social Security Consultants?

Don't Elect Too Soon

Our Social Security consultants spend the time getting to know you, your situation and your wishes before creating and presenting a custom Social Security filing plan. Marital status, age, earnings histories, children, disability status, pensions and other factors can all factor into Social Security timing decisions.

Same Price for Couples

Different ages, working histories and life expectancies mean married couples need a fine-tuned plan to coordinate their benefits to maximize benefits of the surviving spouse. Coordinated decisions among spouses make it possible for the surviving spouse receives the maximum Social Security benefits available.

Avoid Bad Advice

Social Security employees are specifically trained to not provide Social Security claiming advice. Most insurance agents, financial planners and wealth managers likely only have a base level of understanding. Our consultants are NSSA-certified and have spent decades providing Social Security training, advice and consulting.

No Sales Pressure

Our consultants are trained, certified and in many cases, worked for the Social Security Administration. We’re not interested in “upselling” anyone into a life insurance policy, annuity or other insurance product. They’re simply concerned with getting you the best advice and paid for doing so. They’re real people, living right here in the USA.

Social Security Consulting

We will provide Social Security claiming and savings strategies based on your circumstances, age, marital status, location, work history and life expectancy. Our consultants will guide you through the Social Security application process (if purchasing Complete package).

Step 1.
Choose a package

Purchase a Premiere or Ultimate Social Security consulting package.

Step 2.
Interview/Consulting Strategy

Once you’ve purchased a package and filled out a discovery form, a consultant will reach out to you by email with clarifying questions.

Step 3.
Optimized Social Security Filing Strategy and filing assistance

Your Social Security consultant will provide a strategy for maximizing your Social Security benefits in retirement.


Why risk losing out on thousands of dollars of earned benefits?

Talk to an expert. For a one-time consulting fee, PrepareforSocialSecurity.com Social Security consulting will work with you to maximize your Social Security retirement benefits.

Avoid Online Calculators

Free online calculators and even Social Security Administration calculators (there are multiple) can have potentially inaccurate assumptions about future earnings and inflation built unto them. Taxes, Medicare premiums and part-time working income are often left out!


The average household misses out on over $100,000 in lifetime Social Security income.


Percentage of people that don't optimize their Social Security benefits.

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