10 Social Security Administration Offices Near 07871
(Sparta / Lake Mohawk)

7 miles from 07871

20 East Clinton St

Newton, NJ 07860

Phone: 877-575-5189

Fax: 833-950-3283

17 miles from 07871

2200 State Rt 10

2nd Fl

Parsippany, NJ 07054

Phone: 866-331-7131

Fax: 833-950-3313

25 miles from 07871

200 Federal Plz

1st Fl

Paterson, NJ 07505

Phone: 888-397-9806

Fax: 833-950-2976

27 miles from 07871

935 Allwood Rd

Clifton, NJ 07012

Phone: 866-964-0170

Fax: 833-346-7157

28 miles from 07871

7 Glenwood Ave Ste 100

East Orange, NJ 07017

Phone: 866-964-0030

Fax: 833-950-3311

29 miles from 07871

9090 Franklin Hill Rd Ste 101

East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

Phone: 888-835-6169

Fax: 833-950-2582

30 miles from 07871

274 Springfield Ave

Newark, NJ 07103

Phone: 877-402-0821

Fax: 833-950-3317

31 miles from 07871

855 Lehigh Ave

Union, NJ 07083

Phone: 877-803-6306

Fax: 833-950-2978

31 miles from 07871

Suite 207

245 Us Hwy 22 West

Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Phone: 866-446-6198

Fax: 833-950-3264

31 miles from 07871

970 Brd St

Rm 1035

Newark, NJ 07102

Phone: 877-255-1507

Fax: 833-950-2690

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The above results show that there are several Social Security Offices around the 07871 area in Sparta, New Jersey.

Sparta is located in Sussex County. Pick out a Social Security Administration Office from the above list, which contains information about how many miles each Social Security office location is from Sparta and in which direction, so you can figure out which location is closest to your home!

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