Privacy Policy

Last updated: August 31, 2022, MF Media, LLC and its affiliated parties including but not limited to any related websites, mobile apps, networks, applications, consultants, consulting services, insurance agent and communication channels (including online chat, video and telephone call) is/are not associated, endorsed or authorized by the Social Security Administration, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), or any other government agency., MF Media, LLC and its affiliated parties provide services that enable consumers to research, shop and purchase Social Security consulting and related products with or without the assistance of a licensed insurance agent/producer., MF Media, LLC and its affiliated parties is/are not an insurance company and offers Social Security consulting services for sale offered by third parties.

This website and its contents are in no way sponsored, associated, authorized, approved, endorsed, nor in any way affiliated with any other company, trademarked names or other marks besides those of, MF Media, LLC and its affiliated parties. Any such mention or display is for purpose of reference only., MF Media, LLC and its affiliated parties collect information you provide to us directly or indirectly, such as when you apply for health insurance or other products through our assets and services. Examples of personally identifiable information collected includes but is not limited to:

  • Social Security eligibility and related content helpful in creating a customized Social Security filing recommendation, application and insurance policy eligibility information
  • Appointment scheduling and customer inquiries
  • Audio, chat, electronic, video or similar recordings for compliance and record-keeping purposes
  • Customer records such as name, address, contact information, payment information
  • Geolocation information and IP-related information
  • Social Security application data shared with consultants and related entities
  • Newsletter signup forms
  • Online surveys
  • Online contact forms
  • Online purchasing/sales forms
  • Third parties that help fulfill Social Security and insurance-related requests, business and/or professional services to us
  • Any tracking or use of any identifying code(s) linked to a user of a service or website, including the use of cookies and/or analytics, such as Google Analytics, MF Media, LLC and its affiliated parties will never disclose or sell your email address or any of your data from this website. While using the website or services of, MF Media, LLC and its affiliated parties, you may be prompted to enter information and consent to be contacted. By consenting, you expressly agree and consent to receive phone calls, text messages and emails from, MF Media, LLC and its affiliated parties regardless of your Federal or state “Do Not Call” or “Do Not Email” list/registry. Consenting to be contacted is not a condition of purchase.

If you wish to opt-out of emails, texts or related content, you may unsubscribe by following the unsubscribe options in the email or text itself. You agree and understand you may continue to receive communications while, MF Media, LLC and its affiliated parties processes your opt-out request, receive a communication confirming the receipt of your opt-out request and opting out of receiving marketing messages, will not opt you out of non-marketing or marketing communications by insurance company application or policy inquires or communications.