Social Security Consulting

Your Social Security consultant will provide a strategy for maximizing your Social Security benefits in retirement.


Having a hard time figuring out your optimal Social Security claiming strategy? Navigating Social Security benefits can be a confusing process. Claiming at the wrong time can cost you and your heirs hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime. But it doesn't have to be intimidating; we simplify the process for you and make it clear. Our NSSA-Certified Social Security experts have decades of experience in analyzing all the rules around your individual situation, comparing different scenarios, and recommending exactly when to file, what to file, and how to file. Our consulting isn’t just limited to a self-serve software program; we believe consulting should be just that! Real humans, talking to other real humans. We take the time to talk to you, answer any questions you may have and to help you file with confidence. The right guidance and personalized advice are essential to making an informed decision to maximize your benefits.

Why Social Security Consulting Matters

There are hundreds of claiming options and thousands of Social Security rules to navigate. Fully understanding Social Security and the optimal time to start claiming your benefits can significantly impact your retirement income. Unique circumstances such as divorce, remarriage, age differences between spouses, work history and health issues can alter the landscape of your benefits and claiming strategy. This is exactly where our Social Security consulting becomes vital. It's more than just about understanding the complexities, it's about creating a plan that's tailored to your life situation.

Why Choose Our NSSA-Certified Expert Social Security Consultants?

Choosing our NSSA-Certified Social Security consultants means getting the most accurate and personalized advice on the market. Our team, many of whom have worked for the Social Security Administration, are trained and certified to ensure that you receive the best advice based on your circumstances. Don’t settle for consultants or advisors that merely give you basic information and then switch to selling other insurance products.

The Comprehensive Nature of Our Services

When planning your monthly, annual and lifetime benefits, both consulting packages are comprehensive solutions. Our Ultimate Consulting Package is an all-encompassing service. It not only simplifies the online application process for you, but it also includes unlimited follow-up and claiming questions. Have questions about your Social Security break-even date? We also provide a personalized Social Security strategy report based on your individual circumstances, needs, and retirement goals. We make sure your filing process questions are answered and you’re completely satisfied and confident you’re doing it optimally and correctly.

The Ultimate Consulting Package: What's Included

Our service goes beyond answering your queries. We offer a detailed analysis that includes calculating your break even point, reviewing your Social Security Earnings/Benefit statement, and giving a comprehensive review of your unique issues such as divorce, remarriage, and child-related factors. Additionally, we provide guidance about Medicare Parts A, B, C, D to ensure you have a complete understanding of your Medicare retirement benefits.

The Ultimate Consulting Package Advantage

With our package, you get customized advice that considers every aspect of your life situation. We offer couple-friendly services (no additional charge) that ensure optimal benefits for both spouses, considering their differing ages, working histories, or life expectancies. Avoid misinformation with our NSSA-certified consultants and feel secure knowing that our focus is solely on providing you with the best advice. We don't upsell insurance policies or other financial planning products. You can trust in our local team, who are real people, living right here in the USA.

Peace of Mind Awaits

Don't navigate the Social Security maze alone. Let our team of experts guide you every step of the way, providing clarity and peace of mind. Invest in your future today with our Ultimate Consulting Package. Your peace of mind is only a click away. Secure your future now!

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Social Security Consulting Packages

Premier Ultimate
One-on-One Consultation with an NSSA Certified Social Security Expert
Detailed Customized Social Security Filing Analysis
Personalized Social Security Strategy
Review Your Social Security Earnings/Benefit Statement
Complete review of unique issues (divorce, widow, remarriage and child-related)
Compare Social Security Benefits Before, At, and After Full Retirement Ages
Calculate Your Breakeven Point and Other Metrics
Review Important Social Security Filing Dates
Recommend Application Timing for Social Security Benefits
Identify Whose Account Your Social Security Benefits Should Be Based On (self, spouse, ex-spouse, deceased spouse).
Detailed Social Security Application Instructions
Retroactive Benefit Filing Review
We File For You - Online Application Assistance
Unlimited Follow Up Questions
Unlimited Claiming Questions Answered
General discussion of Medicare, Parts A, B, C, D
$795 $995
Select Plan Select Plan