Social Security Consulting

Your Social Security consultant will provide a strategy for maximizing your Social Security benefits in retirement.

Social Security Consulting Packages

Premier Ultimate
One-on-One Consultation with an NSSA Certified Social Security Expert
Detailed Customized Social Security Filing Analysis
Personalized Social Security Strategy
Review Your Social Security Earnings/Benefit Statement
Complete review of unique issues (divorce, widow, remarriage and child-related)
Compare Social Security Benefits Before, At, and After Full Retirement Ages
Calculate Your Breakeven Point and Other Metrics
Review Important Social Security Filing Dates
Recommend Application Timing for Social Security Benefits
Identify Whose Account Your Social Security Benefits Should Be Based On (self, spouse, ex-spouse, deceased spouse).
Detailed Social Security Application Instructions
Retroactive Benefit Filing Review
We File For You - Online Application Assistance
Unlimited Follow Up Questions
Unlimited Claiming Questions Answered
General discussion of Medicare, Parts A, B, C, D
$795 $995
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